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Teen and Adult Programs: 

I love the stories that have stood the test of time. 

They are rich in metaphor and meaning.

They show us what it is to be human, no matter where or when we live.

Wonder Tales

These are just some of my many favourites:


Hidden in Plain Sight- LGBTQ themes in traditional stories.

The One Handed Girl- a woman's healing journey after family abuse

East of the Sun and West of the Moon- A young woman is torn between loyalty to her family and a promise to her mysterious lover. 

The Princess and the Ogres-abandonned by her husband, a  woman disguises herself as a man in order to survive.

A Flowering Tree- not everyone rejoices when a woman of low caste marries into a powerful and welathy family.

A look into Ontarios' history

Into the Storm- true historic story of a woman's survival after a steamship sinks on Lake Huron. This tale will make you want to learn  so much more about life and industry  in 19th centry Ontario. 

What Happened to Jeannie?- when a young immigrant finds herself pregnant, she can't turn to her family for help. This  true story from 1875 Toronto explores challenging themes including women's rights and the consequences of illegal abortion.

If a Job is Worth Doing- My grandmother didn't seem like an adventurer, but when she lost her teaching position during the Depression, she had no choice but to move to a remote Northern community. Hear the trials and tribulations of teaching in a one room schoolhouse. 

The Reindeer Maiden and the Moon.JPG

watch "The Reindeer Herder and the Moon"

I have a repertoire of well over 200 traditional folk tales and can create a program to suit your needs!
Contact me for details and rates.

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