• Introduction to Storytelling (Beginner)


  • Storytelling for Worship (Beginner)


  • Crafting Your Story (Intermediate)

  • Effective Storytelling on Zoom 101

  • Hosting Your Zoom Event

  • Zoom for Instructors


New : Online Story Skill Builders

Feb 7-Mar 14   Sundays   

1-3 pm Eastern time         

Register here:


Bring a short story and shape it with storytellers from across the country.
Each Sunday will focus on a different aspect of storytelling. You will tell every week. You will learn specific techniques and discuss how to use them. You'll watch videos of skilled tellers.  Best of all, you will try exercises with partners and small groups, where you can get to know others and see how they respond to your tale.



Week One:    Keep them listening- tension, contrast, movement, urgency and stakes

Week Two:    Make them care- develop and reveal compelling characters

Week Three: Draw them in- sensory details and setting

Week Four:   Telling Dynamically- - rhythms, repetitions and patterns; volume; pacing; the power of the pause;

                           body language and voice    

Week Five:    Tell it Tight-editing to make every moment count

Week Six:       Show your stuff- Perform your final story for the group and receive feedback



Sometimes, you just need someone to patiently answer your questions and teach at your own pace. Hire me for individual coaching on Zoom.