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Simple, affordable lighting

I am fortunate to have a desk in a north facing window, with plenty of natural light. It's perfect for daytime video calls, but I needed something for nights. My lamp on a box was not good enough!

What I wanted:


dimmable- so that I could adjust for different times of day

colour adjustable- from cool daylight to a warmer hue

diffuse - no shadows

height adjustable- low lights reflect in my glasses

compact- I have limited space

temporary- once COVID is over, I want to reclaim this room!

The options:

Lights designed for photography were bright and adjustable....but bulky and very expensive.

I would need one on either side, to keep the relection off my glasses.

A ring light was more afforable, but one on each side still took up a lot of my desk.

A clip on light was affordable and compact, but it reflected on my glasses terribly.

It wasn't bright enough when I moved it off to the side.

My Solution: Vanity Lights

These little lights are designed to stick onto a make-up mirror.

They are dimmable and colour adjustable.

They can be arranged in many configurations.

Best of all, they cost only $22 Canadian dollars.

I mounted them on a narrow board and hung them above eye level, so they wouldn't reflect on my glasses.

The result was dimmable, diffuse, colour adjustable light which takes up very little space!

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