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Which Zoom account do you need?

Choose the account that meets your needs without blowing your budget!

This chart will help:

Zoom Basic is free and perfect for chatting with a friend or practising your stories with a partner. It can also accommodate a group for a short committee meeting or a quick chat.

When considering how much time you will need for your meeting, be sure to add at least 15 extra minutes for sound and video checks and troubleshooting. You should also allow guests time to arrive early and check their connections.

Zoom Pro is what you'll need for most storytelling concerts.

If you want to accommodate over 100 people, but still keep the audience visible, choose a Zoom Pro Meeting and pay $20 US for extra participants.

Webinar format will provide ensure that your tellers won't be interrupted, but it will also prevent tellers from seeing the audience. Webinar is perfect, however, for presentations or panel discussions!

Once you have a Pro account, you can upgrade for a single month, to accommodate more listeners or a different type of meeting.

Not sure about Zoom?

Google Meet is rising to the challenge. You can compare the two platforms here.

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