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Get better audience connection with "pin video"

Updated: May 27, 2020

"I just don't feel it!" is the most common comment that I hear from storytellers on Zoom. It's hard to judge audience reactions in a gallery of tiny heads. The solution: pin your favourite listener.

Pinning a someone's video makes it larger than all of the others, so that it fills the screen...but only on your own device. Everyone else will see you, the storyteller.

Tell your story as if you were sitting down to tea with that one person. Your gestures will become smaller and your telling more intimate...which is exactly what works on Zoom!

How to pin a video:

Find the video of your trusted listener. If you warn them in advance, they'll be extra attentive!

Hover over the top right corner of their video, to click on the three dots ...

Chose "pin video" from the drop down menu.

When you are finished, you can unpin by clicking "Switch to Active Speaker" in the upper left corner of your listener's video.

For ipad and Android instuctions, see the Zoom help centre:

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